1. Commercial Law
- making and analysing contracts
- representing a client in court and/or other authorities/bodies
- Company Law: founding, transformation, reorganisation, mergers, liquidation and termination of companies and cooperatives
- Financial Law, Securities Commission Law
- Bankruptcy Law, unfair competition

2. Law Regulating Real Property
- assignments of real estate contracts
- easements, security interests and other property rights, occupational lease
- mortgage contracts, contracts to build, contracts for work done, development contracts
- lodging applications to be recorded in the Land Register, representing a client at the Land Registry

3. Civil Law
- representing a client in court, offices, arbitral proceedings
- making and reviewing contracts
- assigning, securing and recovering debts
- foundations, unincorporated associations
- filing complaints with Constitutional Court and/or European Court of Justice
- protection of personal rights of an individual, protection of intellectual property, copyright

4. Law of Negotiable Instruments and Securities
- consultancy on drawing bills of exchange, protestation, recovering bills payable
- representing a client in bill of exchange proceedings
- issues and aspects of securities

5. Family Law and Succession Rights
- divorces, settlement of community property
- custody and maintenance of children for the time after the divorce
- representing a client in probate proceedings
- last wills and testaments, disinheritance, agreements in probate proceedings

6. Employment and Labour Law
- representing an employee and/or an employer in adversary proceedings
- creation, alteration and termination of employment, contracts of employment
- rights arising from void and invalid termination of employment
- liability for damage caused within the employment relations

7. Administrative Law
- representing a client before trade licence offices, tax offices and building administration offices
- law of administration delicts, building law
- consultancy on residence permit in the Czech Republic
- consultancy on Capital Market Surveillance matters

8. Insurance Law
- representing a client in court and before other state administration bodies
- reviewing and analysing insurance cases
- reviewing and preparing insurance contracts and insurance terms